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Welcome at Chy-Kara

A Bohemian adventure on the Hungarian Puszta ....

Set in the heart of the rural planes in the South of Hungary Chy-Kara is a centre of inspiration, creativity, celebration and transformation.

Whether creating a work of art, celebrating nature spirituality, camping under the stars, learning about trees and wild flowers, studying meditation, divination, or healing, making a sweat lodge, a shaman drum or a dream-catcher, dancing, or just enjoying peaceful walks along endless sand roads, Chy-Kara exists to help you find your heart's desire.

A Bohemian adventure on the Hungarian Puszta

Jay & Annemieke ... Chy-Kara Crew

Years ago we followed our hearts and found our way to Hungary.

The combination of different dimensions from rural simplicity, to the historical depth and the cultural heritage of ancient Hungarian traditions with Celtic traditions inspires us and makes us feel at home.


The characteristics that unite us is a deep sense of freedom in our hearts. Our minds rebel against too many bureaucratic obstacles. We feel infinite love for nature and animals in our souls.

With our project Chy-Kara, we want to share the pleasant perspectives of a way of Self-sufficient Living away from the consumption society.

We offer the Luxury of Simplicity ... a Bohemian Lifestyle

We welcome you warmly at Chy-Kara !


Chy-Kara, pronounced as ’Chai-Kara’, is a Cornish-Celtic way to express ’house of love, care’.


It is said that the Heart-Chakra of Mother Earth is located in Hungary. We experience that people and nature in this environment send out so much loveliness and warm heartedness.














What does'Chy-Kara' mean ?

For ever Chef de Cuisine in heart and soul, as a pensioner he found his
Passion in creative wood-solutions.

Highly committed to Nature Spirituality, being a Druid / Curandera & Eclectic hypnotherapist she embodies her world called Nature Spirits' Soulstream



The Hobbit Stay .... Earth-House

Our 'Hobbit-stay' has become a unique guest accommodation with a comfortable cupboard-bed for 2 persons. A stay in the Hobbit-stay is going to be an unforgettable experience.

You will experience the peaceful silence of Chy-Kara as a warm embrace of Mother Earth. She will comfort you and heal you. Imagine yourself having your breakfast in a scenery of humming bees and the scent of Acacia flowers.



Accommodates 2 persons comfortably

Living space 30 sq m

1 Double bed of ca. 2.00 x 1.60 m


Per night / max. 2 persons

Our Accommodation

Nostalgic Overnight Stays

€ 35,-

Tinker Bell - Tent .... Glamorous Glamping

Our 'TinkerBell-tent' is romantic and stylishly decorated and is located on an idyllic spot ready for a Bohemian Adventure for campers with a soul.

Glamping with heart and soul is for people who like to enjoy to lie simply on their backs staring at the clouds and giggle to the figures they see in their shapes. Those are people who find the largest treasures in the smallest miracles; people who want to see the sunrise and the sunset.

Do you want to camp in style with retro glamour and bohemian spirit? Then our 'TinkerBell-tent' with its cheerful decoration on the 'Heart' of Chy-Kara offers you a fascinating, unique stay.



Accommodates 4  persons comfortably

Diameter of 5 meters and the ridge is 3 meters high

1 Double bed of ca. 2.00 x 1.40m and 2 single beds

€ 55,-

Per night / max. 4 persons

The Pixi - House

If you book a Chy-Kara Bed & Breakfast option in the 'Pixi-house' you are about to experience an unforgettable stay in nostalgic romance  in retro style.

Our Pixi-house on the beautiful, robust Hungarian Puszta, might be the ideal surroundings for a retreat to relax and catch up.

The 'Pixi-house' is suitable for 2 persons and is basic but comfortably equipped to the rural style of this area. You will use an original , old-fashioned wash-stand to fresh-up.

The 'Pixi-house' has its own shady little garden and a special seat with a view over the fields ...


Accommodates 2 persons comfortably

Living space  of ca. 20 sq m  and a little garden

1 Double bed of ca. 2.00 x 1.40 m and a bed settee for a 3rd person
( + € 10,- p.n. )

€ 35,-

Per night / max. 2 persons

Neverland .... Glamping in Retro style

A small cozy retro caravan is ready to host you after a long days trip. It's warm embrace will fill you with energy and good vibes to continue your travel path ...



Accommodates 2 persons if you love each other a lot.

Living space 8 sq m

€ 20,-

Per night / max. 2 persons

Overnight stays in your own tent ...
under the stars

Camp under the dazzling stars with only the sound of singing crickets and wild life out of there in the fields and in the woods.


Possibilitiy for making camp fire

No place management ... find a place you like for your stay

quiet camping, no mass tourism

No lines, no limits

€ 10,-

Per night / per person

Avalon realm .... Where the elves would live...

In our vision the Spirit of a new stay at Chy-Kara is already taking shape. Our inspiration is giving birth to a magical natural home and the energy of creation of this spring happily supports the process.


This lovely building is going to take the place of our so much loved TinkerBell-tent, our joy and pride ...

The Elf-realm will be a round house made of straw bales, clay plaster and a reciprocal roof frame for an idyllic stay-over sheltered in the embrace of Mother Earth.


This video is Part one of our "Continuing Building Story" ....:
"Avalon, the Rise of a New Realm".
The first steps in the process of manifestation ....

We started to build a natural round house with straw bales and a reciprocal roof frame

Eco-dream ....  hands for Avalon

Jay & I always do the building and creating projects between the two of us ... This time, we would be happy with some support and helping hands of creative minds and muscle power,


Although the costs are low, some financial support for proper, good quality bales and roof protection will be appreciated.

We started the building procedure in April 2021.... with the Spirit and Power of just the 2 of us ;-)
Right know the preparations are starting with laying a foundation, skinning logs and presurve them.


If you are interested in assisting in the creation of this awsome place, either fysically or financially (please find paypal link below ;-)  ), feel free to contact us by the form on the contact page.
We can offer free stays in return for your help. 


How did you find us ?  

Book a Bohemian Adventure

Booking, conditions & basic common sense

Please read here about our policies and

basic common sense .... ...

Thanks a lot for your visit! :-)
For more information about the accommodation or for reservations and booking, we kindly ask you to contact us via this contact form. If you prefer you can contact us via telephone-number +36 70 369 3037

If you travel from Budapest towards Szeged on the old ‘5’-road, Chy-Kara is situated between the villages Kiskunfélegyháza and Kistelek.


Midway from the green Km-markers 131 and 132 you will see this road-sign on your left hand side (exactly opposite the road to Csengele) at the entrance of our sandroad.


I won't give you the address details, because SatNav will bring you to our general area but not right to our door.
You can easily find us by typing "Chy-Kara Retreats" into your Google Maps ... and it will bring you straight here ;-)


GPS +46° 34' 9.72", +19° 57' 15.48"

How can you find Chy-Kara

Booking, Conditions & Basic Common Sense

Conditions for payments and cancelling

Basic Common Sense

Conditions about Cancelling


The best way to make a reservation for one of our lodging facilities is to give us a telephone call or to send us an e-mail. You find the necessary information for this under 'Contact us'.
You can book your stay online via the booking tool



We kindly request you to deposit 50% of the total amount within 2 weeks after your reservation. When we receive the deposit payment we send you a confirmation of booking.
The remaining amount must be paid at arrival at Chy-Kara.
We do not have a possibility of electronic payments. You can pay cash in Euro's or Hungarian Forints.

If you cancel your reservation until 30 days before start date of the booked accommodation or workshop, the paid amount minus 10% administration costs will be reimbursed.

If you cancel your reservation between 30 and 15 days before start date of the booked accommodation or workshop, the paid amount minus 50% administration costs will be reimbursed.


If you cancel your reservation less than 15 days before start date of the booked accommodation or workshop, the paid amount cannot be reimbursed.

We have no signs or written rules on our site. We rely on your common sense - but sometimes we might kindly have to remind you.

We generally "go with the flow" and accept people from all walks of life.

When you arrive …

We have the experience that after your journey you might be surprised about the ‘back to basics’ atmosphere of the accommodation you have booked … It is really different than what you can imagine!!

"Is this the toilet?"  ….. “Yes, this is the toilet.”
"Is the shower?" …… “Yes, this is the shower.”
"Can we have a quiet spot? …. the frogs make so much noise."
"…a sea view?"
"Will the chickens wake us early?" … “No, but the rooster will!”
"You sure we've made the right choice"
"It's a bit different!"

We know you'll like it here, though, so chill out, relax, next day you'd wish you'd booked longer!!

Dogs & Mobile phones

We love dogs!! We are the happy owners of 3 dogs!! Please meet them one by one short after you arrive! They are the sweetest 3 big Landseer’s.

They will protect the site including your property.  They live on the private yard. It is NOT advisable to enter our yard unadvised or unaccompanied by one of our crew.

Our lovely bunch made us decide that we cannot accept other dogs on our site … Sorry!

Mobile phones

The ring tone of a mobile phone and use loudspeaker on mobile phones is not allowed on site.

Outside lights & Radio

Please do not use outside lights on caravans and motor homes.  We would appreciate it if you turn them off when they are not used, so there's no light pollution, whilst watching the stars. So many Stars!


If your neighbour can hear it it's too loud! Acoustic instruments we encourage, (unless you're playing is terrible of course!)

Extreme large /tents

We accept large tents but let us know at the time of booking to negotiate the conforming price.



Departure and arrival time:


In principal 12h noon.

Camp fires

Everyone can use the different campfire places on the site. In all cases you can buy our logs.

The only condition we have is that you must keep a bucket of water along and do not let burning fire unguarded, especially in the summer.

Please remember … We have a thatched roof!!




Arrival & Departure times, and Fires

Wild peeing .... 

We welcome you to our site and hope we can accommodate your needs.


Our campsite is our garden.


We hope you and your family will respect our plants and the many hours we spend to keep it, so we can share it with you.

‘Wild peeing’  with respect to all is no problem ... but leaving used (toilet)paper or other kind of paper as a result we find a kind of disrespect.



Inner Peace

“In de rust en de stilte van jullie magische plekje konden we weer helemaal bij onszelf komen.”

Karin & Gordon

“Great place to reach

Inner Peace.”


“Your place and your hospitalitality are fantastic! We recommend Jay's English Breakfast to everyone.”

The Family from Estland


“Es ist wundershön hier, die Landschaft, die Ruhe und die nette Abend mit euch.”

Wolfgang & Camilla


“We hebben genoten van ons nachtje in stilte. Heel erg bedankt voor het heerlijke eten.”

Kees & Anja & kinderen


“We enjoyed the magical stay and the incredible silence in your peacefull dreamland and your hospitality.”

Margriet & Helena


“Mitten in der Weite der Puszta ein kleines Refugium welches in mir Erinnerungen an meine Kindheit in Ungarn aufleben liess. Aber zu meiner grossen Überraschung: SIE ist keine Ungarin, aber spricht wie eine und ER ist kein Ungare aber sieht mehr aus wie einer als die meisten Einheimischen :-) Wir erlebten eine äusserst gastfreundschaftliche Aufnahme - tack så mycket / herzlichen Dank! Sehr erholsam und ohne jeglichen Touristenrummel. In der Nähe Ópusztaszer - ein Muss für die Ungaren (Typ Skansen, Frielichtmuseum). War für uns ein "Camper-Abenteur" im Mini-Format.

Allen Individualisten sehr zu empfehlen :-).”

István & Lotta



This is what our Guests say about Chy-Kara